About Us

About Orion Family Physiotherapy
Orion Family Physiotherapy (OFP) opened its doors in January 2008, in the fresh new Orion Springfield Town Centre in the medical precinct. Since the doors swung open, OFP and the team of now over 20 amazing staff members has gained a name for “going the extra mile” and genuinely transforming bodies and lives, healing acute injuries and breaking chronic pain cycles. OFP has developed a truly unique positive culture and has a trusted name in the Greater Springfield and CBD region amongst both patients and their families to numerous GP’s and multiple clinics and more than a few local sporting clubs.

Growing almost solely by word of mouth and increasing health professional referrals, OFP has now given hope and healthcare to over 7000 patients and OFP practitioners often see patients beyond Greater Springfield with patients coming from as far as Ipswich City and surrounds, Gold Coast, Kenmore, Forest Lake and Brisbane inner suburbs. So overwhelming and positive has the response been to OFP’s Healthcare that truly cares, even during the worst of the global and local business downturn we now call the GFC, affecting QLD worst during 2008-2010 where nationally, more than half a million businesses shut up shop during those years, and by the stats QLD being worst hit (Read more:)

OFP doors not only remained open but was commended by the mayor of Ipswich for its growth and fruitfulness which attracted several news articles and write ups revealing how OFP had added 5 new staff in one year and 8 new staff in 2 years. This led to OFP winning the Greater Springfield Chamber of commerce Presidents award for “Small Business of the year” in 2010.

It all began when Owner and Principal Physiotherapist, Adam Atherton, had a dream to provide a Healthcare experience with a difference, “…Healthcare that Cares”. The key factor of healthcare often missing in the busy modern world and healthcare sectors. With diverse experiences derived from private practice settings in Brisbane’s western suburbs and St. Lucia, co-leading the physio dept. for a large RSL aged care facility and founding a successful mobile physiotherapy business, Adam was passionate to open a clinic that was fresh, innovative and honest.

Adam’s clinical strengths lie in his clinical reasoning skills and pursuit of or gaining the correct patho-anatomical diagnosis. His clinical philosophy is holistic to the core and he believes the old mind-body-soul split often popular in western healthcare is scientifically all but debunked and his keen interest in pain processing and neurophysiology are the bedrock of his clinical practice.

The team at Orion Family Physiotherapy have all adopted this flair and flavour combining expert hands-on therapy and clear rational thinking and treatment plans combining latest evidence based techniques. Adam is often heard saying “if you don’t get the right diagnosis and spend enough time listening and assessing your patient and their whole system, you can be the best therapist in the world but without a clear direction and diagnosis, you will be hit and miss”. Armed with this desire to not tolerate mediocre ho-hum treatment plans, OFP practitioners specialize in not just treating symptoms but rather address the cause to give you the results that you desire. Our management of your condition demonstrate a commitment to your total care and promote self-management strategies to help prevent problem recurrences.

As primary healthcare providers we do not require a referral from a doctor for you to come and see us and we also have HICAPS so if you are a member of a private health fund then you can claim on the spot. We are conveniently located on the Woolworths side within the medical precinct of Orion Shopping Centre in the great community of Springfield Lakes. We support our local community because a healthy community is a happy one.

Mission Statement
Quite simply we aim to provide you “Healthcare that Cares”.
We exist to provide the people and families of the Greater Springfield Region and Western Corridor allied healthcare that actually cares. We are committed to bringing you the highest level of care that is people centred, results oriented and prevention focused, providing you with optimal health and quality of life.

our-promiseOur Promise
We will listen!
We will actually take the time to get to know you and your condition!
We will be honest and approachable at all times!
We will answer any questions you have to the best of our ability!
We will refer on if necessary and won’t string you along or muck you around!
We will be personal and sensitive to your specific situation!
We will treat your condition with the latest evidence based approach
We will provide you with healthcare that actually cares!
Modus Operandi
So, we believe people are the beginning and the end of all we do. You will see this reflected with the way we treat each other, our staff, and all of you our patients. We believe ‘total optimal health’ is more than just physical wellbeing and that health is not a given but needs to be worked at! = it is a journey and a joint effort. We also believe that it is the right of every person to have access to the right knowledge and treatment to maintain and optimize their health for a happy and full life!
As John Wesley (viz. Wesley Hospital), the great evangelist and pioneer of quality healthcare for the masses once said “People are God’s program!”. We agree that people are the big deal! And the most important thing in our clinic…it is not about numbers or dollars or us making a great name for ourselves but serving our people healthcare that is ethical and has integrity and those good old fashion values mixed with all the best that modern healthcare can deliver. Enjoy!