• 5 Tips to Stay Healthy This Summer

  1. Keep active.Try and implement regular sessions of exercise into your daily schedule. Be it going for a gentle walk or hitting the park to do some sprints or hill climbs, exercise on a daily basis has been shown to improve your natural endorphin levels, effectively increasing your happiness, and improving your figure.
  1. Eat Healthily. This is an important step to maintaining a healthy body and mind over the indulgent holiday season. Try and avoid excessive alcohol as well as foods high in trans and saturated fats and sugar. Treat yourself and your family with foods rich in natural goodness like legumes, nuts, vegetables and summer fruit.
  1. Relax. Try and reduce the amount of stress over the summer months by involving yourself in enjoyable activities and taking time out with the family or friends. Try and spend time doing what you have been putting off due to time constraints. Try and follow through with those new years resolutions.
  1. Plan a Break. If you have been unable to arrange a holiday for yourself over the summer season, try and get the ball rolling for a holiday some time in the near future. Remember how good you felt after the last time you took a serious break? Whether it’s a one night B & B or a one-month adventure, set a goal for yourself to fulfill- then reap the rewards in the upcoming months.
  1. Fix yourself. If you have been persistently experiencing that niggling pain, but have yet to get it sorted, get yourself to some one-on-one physiotherapy. You may realise it was the best decision you made over the summer season.

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