• Common Rugby/Football Injuries & How to Minimise Your Risk

Knee Ligament Tear

Occurs with a forceful rotation or sideways movement of the knee. Can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months to be back on the field again depending on severity and associated damage.

Strengthen the key stabilising muscles around the knee, ankle and hip. You can do single leg squat exercises and unstable surface balance strength exercises.

Hamstring or Quadriceps Muscle Tear

Is predisposed by tight muscles and happens when accelerating or stopping quickly. Heals better than ligament or tendon but if not treated properly can leave scar tissue that predisposes to future injuries.

Stretch hamstrings, quads, adductors, calves and glutes. If you can feel you are chronically tight in one or more of these muscle groups then do more stretching for those muscles. Hold static stretches for 20 – 30 seconds.

Neck or Low Back Sprain

Can occur in all sorts of positions. Joints, ligaments and muscles can all be sprained and strained to varying degrees. If not treated properly this very commonly leads to significant compensatory muscle tightness that then becomes symptomatic.

Posture improvement, specific stretching, core strengthening and deep neck muscle strengthening will significantly decrease your risk of these injuries.

Ankle Ligament Tear

Occurs by rolling the ankle while changing direction, stepping on the ball or in a tackle situation. These injuries can range from a minor grade 1 sprain to full ruptures of multiple ligaments and take from 1 week to 6 months to recover.

Do lots of ankle stability and strength training pre season to stabilise the ankle joints. Proper boots and orthotic if needed are key. Also keep your knee and hip stability muscles strong so there is less pressure going through your ankles generally.

Shoulder Dislocation or Subluxation

Traditionally happens awkwardly landing on the ground when the arm is out away from your body and gets forced backward popping the joint forward out of its socket.

Strengthen the rotator cuff especially in vulnerable position away from your side. This can be done with Theraband or a cable machine. This will impact positively on your upper body strength as well.

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