We want to help you THRIVE, not just survive!

At Orion Family Physiotherapy we are passionate about providing innovative & essential Cancer Physiotherapy services that ALL cancer patients need and deserve through what is an intense and individual journey back to Health!

Whatever stage of Cancer or medical treatment you are in, we CAN Help!  Even if you are in remission, deconditioned and maybe left with ongoing issues and pain – we CAN help get you back to Thrive mode and out of just Survival mode – mentally and physically!

We are trained and certified in the PINC program and are passionate about reaching out with our message of Hope – using our experience and expert training to help all cancer patients through the tough times and feeling of disempowerment – help you get YOU back!

Physiotherapy is an essential service throughout all cancer stages and phases including:

  • After diagnosis – before medical treatments or operations to help maximise your ability to cope and recover through starting simple exercises or exercise programs, breathing techniques and advice, as well as identifying and treating any issues pre-operatively that may be affected during the rest of your treatment such as neck pain or shoulder stiffness
  • After surgery – pivotal to maximise on the great work your medical team has done by assisting healing process, reduce pain, improve recovery, restore strength and flexibility in affected joints and managing lymphoedema and cording
  • During treatments (eg radiation/chemotherapy) – for reducing side effects such as pain and stiffness, improving energy levels, maintaining/restoring flexibility and strength, lymphoedema and cording management
  • After cancer treatments – getting you back to YOU! Decreasing those nasty side effects that can linger post treatment including pain and stiffness, getting back your strength and flexibility, exercise programs, Pilates and get you feeling like yourself again and reaching your goals

But what do we actually do? We use a range of different techniques and methods to achieve these goals at each of the stages above including:

  • Hands on treatment such as muscle release with massage, trigger point therapy and spinal or joint mobilisations
  • Western acupuncture/dry needling
  • Exercise/stretching prescription
  • Breathing techniques
  • Whole body vibration (for fitness/muscle activation or with only 1 body part to aid lymphoedema etc)
  • LASER – Low level laser therapy to assist healing (of wounds, nerves etc .), pain relief for muscles, nerves or joints, lymphoedema and improving post-operative scar tissue
  • Education and advice – lending an experienced ear that is focussed on you, not just your cancer
  • Pelvic floor retraining
  • Individualised Clinical Pilates or Pilates classes
  • Strength and conditioning

There are many things that you cannot control with cancer but your cancer physiotherapist is ready to help you take control of what you can. Let’s get moving towards a healthier you – improving your quality of this wonderful life! We want to get you thriving, not just surviving!

“Did you know that 70% of cancer patients do not meet aerobic exercise (cardio) guidelines and around 90% don’t meet resistance exercise guidelines? Furthermore, only 0.5% of cancer survivors in Australia are getting access to the form of in person, cancer specific rehabilitation – there are just 31 programs in Australia!

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