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Gym Programs

exercise weights shoesGym based exercise and programs are an amazing tool for pain relief, rehabilitation and return to optimal function. Almost all of the major (and sometimes even minor) injuries and conditions we see require some form of therapeutic exercise program involving aspects of strength, motor control, endurance and conditioning.  Whether you have pain and dysfunction due to chronic prolonged postures at a desk over a computer or you are trying to return to sport or work without pain and at your best, WE CAN HELP!

We have a small physio gym onsite that includes two whole body vibration machines and some equipment but we are also in partnership with several large local Gyms and have a great working relationship with them for the rehabilitation of our clients – so you choose and we can meet you there for an hour consultation or if you prefer we can just draw up your program and have an initial program instruction session.

Strength and stability of the spine and joints is the number one factor that usually prevents pain or injury and there is no better way than a safely prescribed, physiotherapist delivered, gym based therapeutic exercise program.   Stimulate blood circulation, endorphins and testosterone, smash that depression and fatigue, sleep better and recover quicker by exercising your way to A NEW YOU with the confidence that what you are doing in the gym is safe and effective!

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Additional Specialties

Classes available for Pilates, Preglates, Hypervibe

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