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Chronic Pain / Persistent Pain

Living with daily pain is a nightmare and it can just dominate your life and drag you down. At OFP we provide solutions not just services. We will help you on your health journey and help you walk out of pain and minimise the impact pain has on your life. Although this can sometimes be challenging, it is possible to manage and even relieve your chronic pain better by learning new skills, attitudes and strategies.

Stress, anger and frustration can be associated with growing disruption of your lifestyle due to unmanaged pain. As you gradually do less of your “usual” activities, it is easy to lose a sense of just who you are and this will increase stress and the cycle continues. Fear is also a common emotional response. It is normal to be fearful when you do not understand what is happening to you and fearful to move and resume normal activities.

Physiotherapists are experts at advising how to make staged and meaningful changes to your lifestyle to reduce chronic pain. Learning “how” to make these changes will be important as it will improve your quality of life and enable you to be involved in many activities again.

The first step in taking charge of pain management is hearing the story of how the pain began. It is important for you and us to learn as much as we can about your condition so we can educate you further and provide real, non-pharmacological solutions to your persistent pain including advice, education, massage, manipulation/mobilisation, acupuncture, exercise therapy and much more. One of things the research says over and over is a mind-set shift is most helpful in those who suffer chronic pain, as the nervous system becomes over stimulated and sensitised and can drive pain. The best short clip we have found on how to understand this link to your ongoing pain cycle we have provided below:

Stress is not only associated with Chronic Pain, but can be a main driver and factor in persistent pain. What is the single most important thing you can do to relieve stress?

Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine said this “Exercise is man’s best Medicine” Click the link below to watch this short video lecture which will both inform you and inspire to Walk out of Pain!

Exercise is Medicine!

You need A health professional who will listen to your story and help YOU walk out of pain.

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Pain / Condition

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