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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder ImageThe shoulder is the most movable joint in the body.  More than almost any joint in the body optimal muscular control supporting the joint is crucial, or else pain and restriction will quickly ensue.  Shoulder pain sufferers are often seen in physiotherapy practice.  Shoulder pain and stiffness are common in the sporting population but also in the general population due to our positional demands with computers, work and driving, requiring us to hold our arms forward/outward for long periods.  This tends to round the shoulders and flex the neck and can put prolonged strain on ligaments and nerves.

Pain may be caused by local structures within or around the shoulder or may be referred from other sources (such as the neck or upper back e.g. a “pinched” nerve).

Pain can be sudden or gradual in onset but often the factors that lead to even a sudden pain onset may have been building for a while.  Pain of a sudden onset, typically as a result of a lifting, pushing or pulling activity or a sudden movement (often with the arm in elevation or overhead) is often a torn muscle or tendon. In patients with gradual onset shoulder pain due to repetitive or prolonged arm elevation, lifting, pushing or pulling activities, general housework or lying on the affected side,  is the more likely diagnosis, which typically involves gradual degeneration and inflammation of the rotator cuff tendons. In those patients with associated neck, upper back, elbow, forearm, wrist or hand referred pain (frequently from the neck or upper back) is often the cause of symptoms.

We CAN Help!

Your Physio will be able to determine the likely cause of your Shoulder Pain from your history and physical examination and most patients will recover fully from a short course of physiotherapy.  We are also highly skilled in determining the likely cause of your Shoulder pain which is so critical as often more than one diagnosis can exist together and muscle imbalances can occur quickly.

Call one of our friendly staff today to experience healthcare that cares and to get to the root cause of your shoulder pain and get it sorted!

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