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Return to Work / Workcover

Return to workHave you injured yourself at work and are losing time, money and productivity?

We can get you back to work and doing what you do best, sooner rather than later and hopefully without any long term effects from your injury.  We assess and treat work injuries every day in our clinic.  We regularly work with Workcover QLD, WOW Care and other compensable bodies including a possible team of OH&S officer or Rehabilitation/Return to Work Officers at your workplace to help get you back to work as soon as possible.  We are able to develop suitable duties plans as well as a return to work plan. We will also liaise with your Doctor/s and Case Manager providing correspondence, communication and the planning and paperwork that is required to assist in your recovery and return to work goals.

Treatments typically involve all the expert physiotherapy techniques and treatment we would usually employ to get you pain free fast and functioning normally again.  We also focus on conditioning and strength and the specifics of re-training postures, handling, lifting techniques etc. and improving functional capacity (i.e. improving your ability to do your tasks at work without hurting yourself).

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Work related injuries, Workcover, Post-surgical rehabilitation, Ergonomic Assessments, Gym, Hydro

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