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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring/wear?

As part of our assessment or treatment we often need to see the body area in question. Athletic shorts for lower limb and pelvic injuries, and singlets / light T-shirt for shoulder and neck problems, are a great idea. For bike set-up your shoes/cleats and bike are needed.

Cancellation policy?

Our time is valuable, as is yours. We often have several patients on a waiting list desperately trying to get in on a given day and therefore “no shows” are frustrating for everyone. Therefore we think it reasonable to require notification of cancellation no less than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, otherwise a cancellation fee will be incurred. Obviously the cancellation fee does not apply for patients with a genuine reason for missing their appointment. The aim of this policy is really to encourage mutual respect and honour and not to intentionally penalize anyone (so flowers or chocolates would be appreciated for a first offence). Also, we realise that appointments made well in advance can be difficult to remember, so to help you from forgetting we send an SMS reminder to your mobile the day before your appointment.

Can I come if I’m Pregnant?

You bet. In fact Physiotherapy, during and after Pregnancy, can not only be a great source of natural pain relief (when most drugs are unsafe for a growing foetus) but also great for strength, education and posture (especially our Pilates and Preglates classes). Moreover 30% of women who have normal deliveries will have some form of pelvic floor dysfunction or incontinence which our Physiotherapists can help treat with great success.

Do you treat Children?

Of course, hence our name “…Family Physiotherapy”. Not only can we treat all adolesce ent athlete injuries and growing pains but we also have a special paediatric Physiotherapist who can also treat feet and flat head issues with infants and other developmental concerns

How many treatments will I need?

Our aim is to get you back to Life and doing the things you love or need to do, pain free and with joy again as soon as possible! The number of treatments required to achieve this or to treat an injury or condition will vary greatly from patient to patient. Some people require only a few treatments while others need a more intensive and supervised program over time and tune-ups along the way. Though not the norm, for a few conditions ongoing physiotherapy is a life saver, for example patient with weekly migraines from a high stress job as a CEO was popping pills and having inconvenient time off work and loss of productivity not to mention quality of life…he required 8 treatments to get rid of his migraines and aura and now just requires monthly to three monthly tune-ups for maintenance. He thinks 3 years being migraine free is time and money on his health well spent. There are multiple factors that can influence your recovery but rest assured at OFP our aim is to not only supply you with the treatment but also the tools to help you self manage to make an optimal recovery so you move well and stay well!

Do you manipulate?

Some patients love these techniques and others are quite fearful or have had a bad experience. While physiotherapists are trained to manipulate or ‘crack’ joints, it is a treatment option that we do not regularly need to employ and is utilised only if deemed completely necessary (there are often numerous other treatments that will achieve the same results). Manipulation techniques will not be performed without your prior consent. Moreover, some of our therapists are trained using a PIM / Activator which is a handheld instrument that can deliver a safe, measured dose of a high velocity thrust force which simulates a “crack” of a joint and is a great treatment option for stubborn or stiff joints.

How long is an appointment?

Most appointments at OFP are either 30 minutes or 1 hour long (if requested); we feel that this time is necessary to accurately assess, treat and educate you about your injury and recovery. If you have multiple injuries to be assessed or have a complicated injury history then an hour session may be required (this can be discussed with your therapist). Moreover, our Massage Therapists can be seen for 30 minutes or 1 hour consultations for your convenience.

Are rebates available?

Rebates are available on all our services through your private health insurance, however entitlements of rebates are dependent on an individual’s private health cover and level of the “extras” packages chosen. If you bring your private health insurance card to your appointment, ‘on-the-spot’ claiming is possible for most funds using the HICAPS® system. If your insurance company is not registered we will supply you with a receipt to claim your rebate back. Please be aware that rebate amounts vary between insurance companies and we have no control over this, we recommend that you contact your insurer for more information regarding your rebate.

How do I pay?

Payment made on the day of service, unless you are claiming through a compensable body (DVA, Workcover, Motor Vehicle Insurance Company or Medicare EPC) in which case only a small gap fee may apply. Payment can be made with debit card, cash or credit card (Visa & Mastercard). We have HICAPS® available so depending on your private health insurance, we have the facility to offer you ‘on-the-spot’ rebate claiming if you bring in your private health insurance card.

Do I need a referral?

A referral is not necessary unless you are claiming your treatment through a compensable body (DVA, Workcover, Motor Vehicle Insurance Company or Medicare EPC) in which case you may have to see your GP first to get the appropriate paperwork commenced. If you have any queries regarding claiming your treatment please contact reception on 3470 1203.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment please contact one of our amazing reception staff on 3470 1203and they will help you find a time with your practitioner of choice, or with the most appropriate practitioner for your requirements OR you can click on the “Make an Appointment”tab on the home page of this website.

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